In our local Pathways Connect group, a free, nonprofit project, you will find like-hearted parents sharing their insights and experiences. Holistic, conscious living means making informed choices that are right for your family. In Pathways Connect, you will find respect and support for those choices.

Please join us on October 10th at 9:00am for an hour of sharing and fellowship as we discuss:

1) Immunity boosting ideas — how do you protect yourself and your kids this winter? What do you do instead of getting the flu shot? What are your tricks for staying healthy? What does “holistic medicine” mean to you?

2) Halloween Candy alternatives — your kids bring home mounds of candy from school, parties and trick or treating. What do you do with it?

3) Deep Breathing – have you ever done this and why would you do this?

Pathways Connect is an informal get together of “like minded, holistic” parents, pregnant women, & children who are interested in connecting with other parents. We are dedicated to raising healthy children and want to learn the most natural, holistic way to do so. Topics range from conscious living choices such as prenatal care, breastfeeding, healthy diets, complimentary alternative medicine, and compassionate parenting.

We meet every other month, and topics will vary each time and will be posted a few weeks prior to the meeting. No cost to attend, please bring your friends! Children are welcome though we will not have babysitters, so please keep that in mind.