Patient Success Stories

Jen A: Stone Family Chiro is the best!!! I found out on a Thursday that my baby had flipped back to a (complete) breech position, at 39+ weeks. I saw Dr Pam the next morning and she preformed the Webster Technique. I left her office and went to Atlanta for an ultrasound (2nd opinion on breech birth options)… By the time I got there my baby had flipped back to a perfect head down position!!! I was shocked but so thankful! My beautiful daughter was born via unmedicated water birth 4 days later. My labor was only about 6 hours long, 3 at the hospital, and could not have gone better!!! My other 3 labors and deliveries were much longer and harder. I attribute do much to Dr Stone and her awesome work!!! Thank you!!!

Heather R: Dr. Stone and her entire staff, including office personnel, interns, and massage therapist have made me feel repeatedly like I am their only client. Their professionalism and attention to detail cannot be matched. The health benefits I have received since I took a nasty fall in my home a few months ago have changed my life drastically for the better. I merely went in to have my neck adjusted to address frequent and severe headaches, and ended up becoming very interested in my overall health and wellness. I am currently doing very well and feel much better in regards to my health. I have more energy, eat better food, use natural means to maintain wellness, and for the first time in years, I am optimistic about my health and being able to maintain and improve my current level of health. They are all willing to work with you whatever your personal needs, both physically and financially, so don’t hesitate to call. It could be the best decision you make about your health and well being.

Amie: I decided to start as a patient at Stone Family Chiropractic at the recommendation of a friend. I was having a lot of tension and pain in my neck, low back and hips. Additionally, I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) 8 years ago and was looking for holistic alternatives to better my health. Immediately after beginning care, my body felt relived from built up stress. I also noticed that my hormone levels began to normalize within a couple of months, which has helped with my PCOS symptoms. I also noticed that my menstrual cycle has started to regulate on its own. I had previously been skeptical about chiropractic care but only because I had not done research nor was I was educated on the significance of our spine and its effect on health. Knowing what I know now from being a patient, I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to others.

Debbie: I first became a patient at Stone Family Chiropractic due to severe neck pain, shoulder pain, pain radiating down my arms, hip and low back pain. Before coming to the office, my health was not great. I was always very tired and in some level of discomfort. Additionally, I was having frequent headaches. I had previously taken NSAIDs without much relief. After seeing Dr. Pam, I felt immediate improvement. My pain has completely resolved or has decreased significantly. I no longer have headaches and have much more energy. I first found out about the office by attending Pathways to Family Wellness meetings hosted by Dr. Pam where I gained her trust and that of the office staff. I had previously had a bad experience at a chiropractors office and was nervous about getting adjusted. After being under the care of Dr Pam, I would highly recommend chiropractic care. Now, my husband, 2-year-old son and newborn all get adjusted as well!

Gabriel (as written by his mother): We brought Gabriel to see Dr. Stone because he was having ear infections. Gabriel also had torticollis as well as plagiocephaly. We had seen a physical therapist for the torticollis and were using helmet therapy for the plagiocephaly. Both had some positive results, however were not fully resolved. After one month, Gabriel no longer had ear infections, had improved range of motion in his neck and there was progress with his facial/cranial symmetry. We chose Dr. Stone’s office for her specialty in pediatric care and knowledge of cranio-sacral therapy. We were nervous about chiropractic at first but would now recommend chiropractic care to others.

Cherie: I chose Stone Family Chiropractic Center because I had been suffering from pain in my low back and left leg. After about 4-6 weeks of chiropractic care I started noticing some changes. Now my low back is pain free and when it feels “tight” one adjustment relieves the tightness. Most importantly, my left leg is virtually pain free—even after super long mileage my left leg feels great! Prior to Stone Family Chiropractic Center, I had occasional adjustments, orthopedic referrals, and physical therapy. My problems persisted for years until I started regular chiropractic adjustments/massages in the office. Before being under care, I would have classified myself as a healthy and strong person who had been suffering from minor nagging injuries and pain due to my endurance training for marathons and ultra marathons. Since being under regular care for the first time ever I was not sick with a cold, sore throat, etc. during the flu and cold season. My back and left leg feels great for the first time since 2006. I chose Dr. Stone because we spoke about the long-term benefits chiropractic would have on my overall health and decided to add regular adjustments to my healthcare regime. Now actually feeling the positive effects of regular chiropractic care has convinced me that I made the right decision. I knew chiropractic care would help my back, but was not sure that regular adjustments would eliminate my back pain. Not getting sick over this last winter proved to me that adjustments keep everything balanced, healthy, and feeling good. I recommend chiropractic care to others every chance I get!

Jenny: I was experiencing neck and lower back pain that was preventing me from exercising and doing every day activities. I was using hot or cold packs to alleviate the pain, but they were only helping temporarily. After just a few weeks under care at Stone Family Chiropractic, I was feeling much less pain while doing every day activities. I am getting closer to being able to give 100% while playing sports. I have also been able to exercise, which makes me feel better. When I feel better, I ant to exercise, move and eat better. This has allowed me to begin losing weight. Dr. Pam has an active lifestyle like myself, which makes it easier to explain issues. She is also focused on what goes in our bodies and how it affects us and, in turn, teaches us to help make us healthier. I was nervous about getting adjusted before starting care but I would definitely recommend chiropractic care after experiencing the benefits personally.

Olivia: I was 6 months pregnant and had some soreness and lower back pain. I also had pain from my job as a dog groomer. I was impressed by Stone Family Chiropractic Center’s website since it had great information on women and the importance of chiropractic. After about two weeks of adjustments (3 times per week) I noticed improvement and now there has been a great decrease in back pain. I have learned a lot of valuable knowledge about health, nutrition, etc. My health before chiropractic was the same as now, but I have learned a lot more through Dr. Stone. My son and husband also get adjusted. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical about chiropractic, but I was uneducated. I definitely recommend chiropractic care to others. My whole family realizes how powerful the body is!

Amanda: After exploring Stone Family Chiropractic Center’s website and loving all the information provided, I decided to schedule an appointment. I developed pretty severe pubic pain during my pregnancy. I could barely walk, no longer exercise and was in constant pain. I had asked my obstetrician what I could do for the pain and she told me there was nothing I could do and that it was just part of being pregnant. So I basically sat on the couch and moved/walked as little as possible. The pain only got worse. After beginning care and after 3 adjustments I started noticing improvement. The pain had significantly improved after only a couple of adjustments and after continued care the pain eventually went away almost completely. Prior to chiropractic care my overall health was great, but now hat I have been under continued care I have decreased pubic bone pain, decreased lower back pain, and I no longer have the chronic neck/shoulder pain I was experiencing before. Initially I wasn’t skeptical of chiropractic care, but I didn’t have an understanding of exactly what it encompassed. Now I tell everyone about the benefits of chiropractic care!

Pamela: I was having back pain associated with pregnancy and my doula recommended I go see Dr. Stone. I had received physical therapy a number of times for a neck injury that occurred during an auto accident 20 years ago. Under chiropractic care I noticed improvement by the second or third visit and by the third week I felt like a completely new person. I have had great results after getting adjusted regularly. My entire body feels much better than I have felt since my teens despite being 39½ weeks pregnant. Before beginning chiropractic care I had consistent morning stiffness, lots of muscle fatigue, and areas of soreness in my back and legs. I didn’t appreciate how much low grade pain and soreness I had “learned” to live with that is now completely gone. I also have more general energy and clearer sinuses. Initially I was skeptical about chiropractic care, but over the years it has slowly diminished by hearing others speak highly of their experiences. I absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others.

Kena: I was suffering from a very serious case of plantar fasciitis when a friend highly recommended I go see Dr. Stone. I noticed immediate results as soon as I began getting adjusted. Now that I get chiropractic care regularly I have gotten awesome results! I went from no training to being able to compete successfully in the race that I was working towards within 4 weeks. I had previously tried strength training and stretching, which were helpful, but the adjustments together with the cold laser Dr. Stone used were what got me the best results. Before beginning chiropractic care I would say my health was good since I am an endurance athlete, but now I feel so much more balanced, stronger, and my foot is much better! I can tell there has been an improvement in my recovery time from strenuous exercise. I was initially a little skeptical about chiropractic since I did not understand how it could help with plantar fasciitis, but now I absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others.

Anthony (as written by his mother): We brought our son Anthony to see Dr. Stone because he was having multiple double ear infections for the past 2 months. He had been taking antibiotics that were not helping. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care his ear infections cleared up! Chiropractic has benefited Anthony because he has less ear infections; his appetite has improved, and is sleeping better. We chose Stone Family Chiropractic Center after reading up on Dr. Stone’s education, experience, and the good reviews on the website. She is also from Boston like us! We initially were skeptical about chiropractic care because we did not know anything about it, but after seeing our son’s results we would most definitely recommend chiropractic care to others.

Caleb (as written by his mom): My son (Caleb) had recurring ear infections, for which he was constantly on antibiotics that never seemed to work. We grew tired of medicating our son when he just didn’t improve from it. It took about 3 weeks after starting chiropractic care to notice an improvement in Caleb. Before he started getting adjusted, Caleb was very fussy, wouldn’t nap, and wouldn’t sleep longer than 1½ hours at a time during the night. Now, he is off all antibiotics for his ears and is finally starting to sleep through the night again. We have our happy, smiling son back! He naps each day and sleeps 10-12 hours a night-and mom and dad have (some) of their sanity back! At first I was skeptical about chiropractic because I wasn’t sure if it would really make a difference, but a recommendation from a friend and literature she brought me about pediatric chiropractic and how it can help ear infections in babies helped get me into the office. I now recommend chiropractic to others!

Pam G: I was in severe pain in my low back, but the worst pain was actually in my knee. I was ready to go to the hospital. I couldn’t hardly walk some days and had to completely stop running and exercising at the gym. I knew Dr. Stone was a marathon athlete and she could understand my pain better than other chiropractors. She immediately knew my knee pain was related to my hamstring and started working with me. She has given me so many “extras”, tips and advice, besides adjustments to help me that other doctors wouldn’t give you. Within a few visits my back pain was better and after that, my knee felt better. I listened to her and receive weekly adjustments and follow all of her advice. My whole body is more balanced. Even my allergies are improving! I haven’t even had a cold since coming to see Dr. Stone. She gets me “in tune” with my body. Dr. Stone has given me personal care, she listens and asks questions so she can “learn” her patients. I absolutely recommend chiropractic to others all the time!

Brittany G: I was very unhealthy, thinking it was normal to be fatigued, normal to have sinus issues and walk lop-sided. I didn’t know I needed chiropractic care until after starting. I was uncomfortable when I was performing daily activities. I was referred to Dr. Stone’s office. I noticed improvement after the first visit! After each adjustment I had better improvement from the previous. I started experiencing many beneficial results of chiropractic care including: improved posture, improved health and improved over all well-being. I am now healthier and my improvement in health has contributed to success in school! I have noticed that I have more energy and feel less fatigued. I now know what it feels like to stand up straight, walk straight with legs that are aligned correctly and how to live in good health. Deciding to listen to the referral to choose this office for chiropractic care was a true blessing! I recommend chiropractic to others because I now understand all of the benefits to health and over all well-being that chiropractic care provides.

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