Our Approach

Many chiropractors focus on three specific goals:  decreasing muscular spasm, increasing range of motion and reducing pain.  This type of chiropractic care falls under the category of reducing symptoms and never truly addresses the underlying cause of the patient’s problem, nor does it work to maximize human or animal potential.

Our practice focuses on a specific type of chiropractic that we refer to as “NeuroSpinal Correction”.  Our primary concern is the functional relationship between the spine and the nervous system. When there is lack of motion in a vertebral segment or other joint of the body, it can interfere with the proper function of the nervous system and can lead to dysfunction in the muscles, organs, and glands.

Over time, this dysfunction can create a variety of Secondary Conditions. In our practice, we focus on correcting the NeuroSpinal Dysfunction. This allows the nervous system to regulate and heal as the body intended.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, or see how our office can support your specific health goals, contact us for a complimentary consultation or to schedule your first visit.

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